This one picture lets you know all that you have to think about Donald Trump’s administration up until now

There’s something really shocking about this photo – one of the principal taken of Donald Trump in the Oval Office.

It’s an injection of the President, looking Presidential. On the telephone, almost certainly, to a critical remote pioneer or a five-star general.

Also, he’s encompassed by his Vice President and a group of scholarly, sensible and capable guides, prepared to transform his requests into a precisely created message and an arrangement of clear requests and strategies.

Be that as it may, a half year on, the photo recounts a totally unique story.

Except for Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, each and every individual in that photograph has either been let go or quit.

Mike Flynn was Donald Trump’s first National Security guide.

He was let go on February 13, 2017 – not as much as a month after Trump took office.

His sacking took after the disclosure that he had met with the Russian represetative between Trump being chosen and taking office – and had misdirected the Vice President about the gatherings.

His sacking was the begin of a course of occasions prompting the present criminal examination concerning the President and his group, over allegations that they conspired with the Russian government to meddle in the race.

After a string of startling press room appearances – and having been deified as a character on Saturday Night Live – Sean Spicer’s short residency as White House Press Secretary was maybe inescapable.

After allegedly dropping out of support with some among the organization, Spicer in the long run surrendered on Friday, July 21st – clearly because of Anthony Scaramucci being contracted as Communications Director.