Mariah Carey disregards “digitally embellish” claims and disobediently pulls on skintight minidress to parade her unimaginable figure

Mariah Carey may have been hit with claims that her most recent magazine cover was ‘artificially glamorized’, however she couldn’t mind less.

The Hero artist pulled on her most minor minidress as she ventured out after her execution in Boston the previous evening.

She grinned generally as she displayed her executioner bends in the diving dark and gold dress.

The skintight dress embraced the forms of her body and demonstrated that the 47 year old is looking as dazzling as ever.

She matched the dress with a couple of stage peep-toe heels that exhibited her shapely legs.

Wearing her streaming blonde hair in free waves she brushed her long bolts out of her face and flaunted her monstrous jewel studs and sparkling arm ornament.

Recently, fans were left scratching their heads over Mariah ‘s most recent magazine cover shoot, which many recommending she looked totally changed.

“Enhanced with Photoshop much?” said one when she transferred the Paper magazine cover to Instagram.